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What was Radix's Olympia Mainnet?

Olympia was the first version of the Radix Public Network, commonly referred to as “mainnet”. Olympia has been superseded by Radix’s current Babylon Mainnet.

Olympia ran from 28 July 2021 to 28 September 2023, processed more than 2 million transactions, and had 100% uptime, demonstrating the robustness of unsharded Cerberus consensus.

Olympia included the foundational technologies that acted as the basis for all future Radix releases and allowed the Radix Community to start taking advantage of the most fundamental Radix features. 

Olympia laid the foundation upon which all future versions of the Radix Public Network will be built. 

Three pieces of software were delivered to support the Olympia mainnet.

1 Radix Olympia Node: The Radix Olympia Node was the key software that ran the Olympia version of the Radix Public Network and provided useful API endpoints for things like wallets, depending on its configuration.

Once installed, the Node could have been run in one of two modes:

Validator Node - to verify transactions on the Radix Olympia Mainnet under consensus.

Full Node - to sync with the network and provide endpoints.

2 Radix Desktop Wallet - This was the old software that ran on desktop used to  view, transact with, and stake XRD tokens and other tokens on the Olympia Mainnet. It made it easy for anyone to stake and unstake XRD to Radix validators and receive incentive emissions. It was available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

3 Radix Explorer - This website provided a list of all nodes that had registered to be validator nodes and were available for staking, along with information about each one to help guide choices of which validators to stake to.

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