What are the XRD and eXRD tokens?

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What are the XRD and eXRD tokens?

XRD is the native token of the Radix Public Network.  XRD is the only token that can be used to pay transaction fees on Radix. XRD is also the only token that can be staked to secure the network as part of Radix’s Delegated Proof of Stake System and earn rewards for token holders. 

eXRD, as an ERC20 token, is the Ethereum-wrapped version of XRD. eXRD serves as a permanent link between Radix and the Ethereum network, and it can be exchanged 1:1 with XRD, in both directions, via Instabridge.

eXRD allows XRD token holders to deploy their capital within the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, improving interoperability between the Radix and Ethereum ecosystems.

eXRD will never expire, so there will never be a cutoff for swapping between eXRD and XRD. 

Because eXRD and XRD are exchangeable 1:1, arbitrageurs might be expected to keep the price of the two tokens at parity.

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