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What is the Radix Community?

The Radix Community refers to the collection of individuals and organizations who actively participate in, engage with, or are stakeholders of Radix

On the surface, this is most evidently those who participate in various Radix communication channels such as the Radix Telegram channel, Discord server, Twitter account, or Radix subreddit, and even those that listen to our podcast, the DeFi Download.

But it also refers to all XRD token holders, stakers, and node-runners. It includes individuals or organizations (such as DeFi projects) that might one day use, develop on, partner, or integrate with Radix, who would then be part of the Radix ecosystem. We’re a big tent, and everyone is welcome. Radix is and always will be decentralized, trustless, and permissionless.

The success of Radix, as with any decentralized protocol, is absolutely dependent on the Radix Community to operate the decentralized network itself and support network security through good delegation of XRD stake – as well as lend its expertise, provide feedback, use Radix products or services, and generally spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve. Those who help advance the awareness, adoption and understanding of Radix are often called “Radvocates”.

A decentralized protocol is only as strong as its community. This is why we try our best to engage with the Radix Community and run programs such as the Radvocates program for those who wish to go the extra mile. 

If you feel we are lacking somewhere or have any great ideas for how we can improve, please shout out in one of the channels described above, or shoot us an email:

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