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What is the purpose of Radix?

At Radix, we are confident that the future of finance is decentralized.

But DeFi today is afflicted by some serious problems. The platforms that launched DeFi, including Ethereum and others, will not be capable of supporting billions of users and trillions of dollars of assets. 

Luckily, we’ve been working for many years on precisely that - building a platform that can underpin a $1,000+ trillion DeFi through to the end of this century and beyond. That’s the purpose of Radix. We’re entirely focused on building a platform that can propel DeFi into the mainstream.

The table below summarizes some of these problems and how Radix is going to solve them.


DeFi today is...

Radix Solution

Radix Product / Feature


Riddled with hacks, bugs, and exploits

  • Custom-built programming language with asset-oriented architecture
  • Custom-built execution environment for DeFi
  • Predictable and modular smart contracts


Slow to develop dApps

  • On-ledger library of composable smart contracts developers can pick from and extend


Only incentivized at the dApp level often through issuance of governance tokens

  • Automated on-ledger royalty fees set by developers


Not capable of scaling DeFi to billions of people and millions of smart contract calls per second 


Not geared up for the incoming wave of legal and regulatory requirements

  • Optional KYC & AML service allowing for single sign-on compliance across the Radix ecosystem


Not interoperable between blockchain and DLT networks

There are other problems that we’ve been thinking about too. We’ll be releasing details on those and our proposed solutions in due course.

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