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What is the Purpose of Radix?

The best place to learn about Radix is the Radix Full Stack site or the RadFi 2022 Keynote.

The core Radix belief is that the future of finance is decentralized.

But Web3 and DeFi today are afflicted by some serious problems. The platforms that launched DeFi, including Ethereum and others, will not be capable of supporting billions of users and trillions of dollars of assets. 

Luckily, Radix is Full Stack of technologies designed to solve precisely that - a platform that can underpin a $1,000+ trillion Web3/DeFi through to the end of this century and beyond. That’s the purpose of Radix - a platform that can propel DeFi into the mainstream.

The table below summarizes some of these problems and how Radix solves them.


Web3 & DeFi today offers

Radix Solution

Radix Product / Feature


Poor User Experience by forcing technically and insecure practices such as blind signing and seed phrases and  on end users

  • Radix Wallet that allows yours friends and family to confidently use Web3 and DeFi 


Poor Security 

with hacks, bugs, and exploits worth billions of dollars being commonplace

  • Custom-built programming language with asset-oriented architecture
  • Custom-built execution environment for DeFi
  • Reusable, modular and more composable smart contracts
  • Powerful transaction layer offering on-the-fly composability
  • On-ledger library of smart contract blueprints
  • Badges and Role Based Access Control


Poor Developer Experience resulting in slow and hard-to-learn development  because of unintuitive programming languages and lack of native in-built features for assets, transactions and access control


Developer incentives overly rely on the issuance of tokens such as governance tokens

  • Automated on-ledger royalty fees set by developers


Incapable of scaling Web3 and DeFi to billions of people and millions of smart contract calls per second 


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