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What is the Radix Wallet for Babylon?

This page refers to features planned for the Babylon version of the Radix network, coming in July 2023, and may not apply to the current Olympia network version. For more information about the Radix roadmap, click here. To learn about other core capabilities of Babylon, return to Start Here! Upcoming Babylon Concepts and Technologies.

A completely new Radix Wallet will be introduced for the Babylon update to the Radix Public Network that is designed for DeFi and Web3.0. It will replace the Radix Desktop Wallet, and that wallet will no longer work with Babylon. Accounts and assets (ie. any tokens created on Olympia) will automatically be migrated to Babylon and users will be able to migrate to the Radix Wallet for Babylon.

The Radix Wallet for Babylon is a mobile application for iOS and Android. It provides not only a way to manage accounts and securely hold any kind of asset on Radix, but also a powerful way to log in to Web3.0 applications (including on desktop) without a password, and view and sign transactions with confidence.

The Radix Wallet is made possible by five new platform technologies on the Radix Babylon network that address shortcomings on other networks that have made it impossible to create truly usable, secure wallets.

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