What can I do on the Olympia mainnet?

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What can I do on the Olympia mainnet?

On the Olympia mainnet, the Radix Engine v1 will allow Desktop Wallet users to:

- Transfer XRD from one wallet to another, with an optional included message (plaintext or encrypted)

- Stake and unstake XRD to validator nodes

If you’re a node-runner (highly technical individuals only), you will also be able to use the Command Line Interface (CLI) or JSON-RPC Radix Node API to:

  • Register and unregister your node as a validator node, and provide the validator node info available to the public as they select who to stake to
  • Conduct transactions, just as how a wallet app would do
  • Query a variety of aspects of the current Radix Ledger state, like recent account transactions, account balances, transaction status, and more
  • Instantiate new fixed or mutable-supply tokens configured with custom name, symbol, etc.

The Radix Engine v2, scheduled for release in the Alexandria and Babylon Radix releases, will provide full smart contract functionality for developers using our custom-built Scrypto programming language that will allow developers to create blueprints and components. You can read more on how this will work as part of the DeFi Whitepaper

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