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How can I purchase XRD and eXRD tokens?

For a list of available options in 2023, see: Where To Get XRD and eXRD in 2023

You can purchase XRD, Radix’s native token, on centralized exchanges or with credit/debit card via Switchere. You can find the latest status on where you can buy XRD on the Radix DLT website here.

The Ethereum wrapped version of XRD, eXRD, can also be purchased on both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. With decentralized exchanges, you should always take care to ensure that you are using the correct token pair, as there have been occasions of scammers setting up fake token pairs that unsuspecting users trade with.

eXRD tokens can be swapped with the native XRD tokens at a 1:1 ratio and vice versa. This can be done through Instabridge or exchanges offering the ability to convert between eXRD and XRD.

Because the two forms of the token are 1:1 exchangeable, arbitrageurs may naturally tend to keep the price of the two tokens at parity. 

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