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What is Instabridge?

Instabridge is an optional service allowing anyone to quickly convert between eXRD and XRD – moving value freely between Radix and Ethereum networks. 

Users who wish to convert eXRD to XRD to access Radix network features and staking rewards will be able to use Instabridge or another third-party platform or exchange offering the ability to convert between eXRD and XRD.

To use Instabridge, you will start by performing a one-time KYC verification. (If you were an original eXRD token sale buyer, you might already have this done and provided you have given consent to share your information with Instapass, you will automatically have your Instapass information connected to Instrabridge). Then you will verify the Ethereum and Radix wallets that you will use to swap between eXRD and XRD. From there, you will send in eXRD from your Ethereum wallet to get XRD in your Radix wallet (or, once enabled, vice versa). 

Instabridge will support direct web3 linking of Metamask desktop (mobile is not supported) or WalletConnect wallets to make the process as easy as using any DeFi app.

In the future, Instabridge will add additional assets that can be moved to and from the Radix Public Network as wrapped tokens

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