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What is the eXRD token?

E-RADIX token (eXRD) on the Ethereum network

The E-RADIX token is the wrapped representation of XRD on Ethereum, with ticker eXRD

eXRD serves as a permanent link between the Radix and Ethereum networks, and it can be exchanged 1:1 with XRD, via Instabridge or at exchanges such as Bitfinex.

eXRD was instantiated in November 2020 on the Ethereum network, as an ERC20 token, under contract: 0x6468e79A80C0eaB0F9A2B574c8d5bC374Af59414

eXRD will never expire, so there will never be a cutoff for swapping between eXRD and XRD. 

Because eXRD and XRD are exchangeable 1:1, arbitrageurs might be expected to keep the price of the two tokens at parity.


In the same way that wBTC allows for a representation of Bitcoin to be used in Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem, eXRD allows for a representation of Radix’s XRD token to be used in Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.

eXRD was issued prior to XRD as a means of distributing tokens as widely as possible prior to staking commencing as part of Radix’s Delegated Proof of Stake system. This served as a means of further decentralizing the Radix Public Network.  

Supply & Allocation

Each eXRD is backed 1:1 by an XRD held at a secure third-party custodian, as part of the Instabridge service.

As a wrapped form of XRD, eXRD has a maximum possible supply identical to XRD’s since this is the maximum number of XRD that can ever be wrapped into eXRD form.

The total supply of eXRD is fluid as users unwrap eXRD tokens to XRD, and wrap XRD to eXRD.

For allocation of the XRD token, please see: How was the XRD token allocated?

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