What are the tokenomics of Radix?

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What are the tokenomics of Radix?

XRD is the native token of the Radix Public Network. It is used for staking as part of Radix’s Delegated Proof of Stake system, and it is also burned to pay transaction fees

There is a hard cap of 24bn XRD:

- 12bn of this XRD is emitted over 40 years as network emission rewards (300m per year);

- 2.4bn is reserved for future stablecoins on Radix;

- 4.41bn started life as eXRD;

- 2.79bn is held by the Radix Foundation to support the Radix Ecosystem;

- 2.4bn is held by Radix DLT to fund development.

All eXRD* and the XRD held by Radix entities is subject to Radix’s price-based unlocking system; this means that 99% of this portion of XRD supply starts out locked, and only if certain price thresholds are met do additional tranches get unlocked. Price-based unlocking is common throughout traditional finance as a means of aligning everyone’s incentives. 

Full details can be found in the Radix Economics Whitepaper.

*with the exception of 200m eXRD provided as liquidity incentives for 6 months, starting November 2020, and 10m eXRD that were allocated to marketing activity for the token launch.

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