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What is Stokenet?

Stokenet is Radix’s persistent test network.

The purpose of Stokenet is for Radix and the Radix community to test the latest versions of Radix Node software with a ledger version history parallel to that of mainnet. Radix may create additional test nets for specific purposes.

Interested node-runners may download the Radix Node software and configure it to connect to Stokenet to test out their node operation processes, including experimenting with running a validator node. Unlike the Radix Public Network mainnet, Radix will hold the vast majority of XRD on Stokenet (which is purely for testing, like test ETH on Ethereum’s test networks), and so Radix will make best efforts to delegate to validators who let us know on Discord that they have connected and registered.

To be clear, the XRD on Stokenet is not real XRD. They exist only on the test network. For this reason, Radix addresses on mainnet and Stokenet are different, starting with a different prefix. Nonetheless, do not ever attempt to send any tokens from your main Radix account to a Stokenet address. 

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