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What tools are available to token holders to support them in deciding which validator nodes to stake to?

Delegating stake to validators is an important decision for XRD token holders, as it directly affects which validators participate in consensus.

You can read some important guidelines on the best way to decide who to stake to here: How should I choose validators to stake to? 

When deciding, there are a range of tools that you may find helpful when making a decision that we have detailed below.

Radix Dashboard

The Radix Dashboard dApp website includes a validator list that details the amount of stake against each validator node - breaking this down into stake delegated by a validator node to themselves (“Owner Stake”) and stake delegated to that validator by token holders and themselves (“Total Stake”).

The Radix Dashboard’s validator list also highlights key factors on each registered validator node to aid token holders in making a decision. This includes a node name and info URL specified by the node-runner,  an “uptime” of the % of consensus rounds a node has participated in recently, and a visible indication of nodes at the top of the list with a very large amount of stake. (XRD token holders are strongly encouraged to delegate to other nodes further down the list for better network resilience and decentralization). 

Radix Wallet

The Radix Wallet shows you which Liquid Stake Unit (LSU) tokens you currently hold, which should aid you in understanding where to stake to next.

Community Tools

The Radix validator community is active and healthy, with a multitude of different websites available that show information on staking and validating. To find out more about these tools, see How do I discover dApps and tokens in the Radix ecosystem? 

Community Channels

Please also review the #node-runner channel on Discord and the main Telegram Channel.

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