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What are Radix Labs and Cassandra?

Radix Labs, led by Dan Hughes, is the research and development arm of Radix. The purpose of Radix Labs is to research and test potential new directions for Radix’s groundbreaking technology well ahead of production-level implementation for a secure, reliable public network. It is where we take the big risks and explore what is possible. Radix Labs utilizes cutting-edge technology that has been developed from 2013 through to the present day.

Cassandra is a project and test network being run within Radix Labs to research, test, and demonstrate various implementations of Cerberus, Radix’s cross-shard consensus protocol. Fully sharded Cerberus is scheduled to go live in the Radix Xi’an release, and Cassandra is exploring some of the outer reaches of the form the implementation at Xi’an might take

Cassandra is being undertaken in collaboration with the Radix Community, who run Cassandra nodes with Dan live on his Twitch channel, as well as the University of California Davis’ ExpoLab consensus experts. You can read more about the output of this academic research in:

Cerberus: Minimalistic Multi-shard Byzantine-resilient Transaction Processing, August 2020. This paper independently assessed the safety and liveness of Cerberus’ cross-shard consensus.

Fault-Tolerant Distributed Transactions on Blockchain, February 2021. This book features Cerberus as a novel consensus protocol.

Some of Cassandra’s achievements to date include:

Further Reading: