Using Ledger Nano S with the Radix Desktop Wallet

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Using Ledger Nano S with the Radix Desktop Wallet


The Radix Desktop Wallet for macOS, Windows, and Linux provides a convenient way to hold and transact any token issued on the Radix Public Network – including its native XRD token. Many users however prefer the additional security provided by a hardware wallet.

For these users, the Radix Desktop Wallet can connect to a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and create a special hardware wallet account within the Radix Desktop Wallet app. This account is protected by the Ledger Nano S – even if the Desktop Wallet or the PC it is running on is untrusted or compromised in some way. For this account, all transactions must be approved and signed on the Ledger device while connected to the computer running the Desktop Wallet.

This page will help you get your Ledger Nano S connected to your Radix Desktop Wallet to send and receive tokens using the Ledger device-linked hardware wallet address. If you encounter any difficulties with these instructions, please visit the Radix Discord server and the support channel there where Radix or community members can help out.

Install the Radix app on the Ledger Nano S

We are currently waiting for the Radix application to be added to Ledger Live. 

For those who are eager to use their Ledger device with the Radix Desktop Wallet right away after our mainnet launch, this guide provides an alternative method to install the Radix onto a Ledger Nano S via a process called “sideloading”.

Instructions for Sideloading the Radix Ledger Nano App

Once you have completed the sideloading instructions and installed the Radix Application, you can continue to the next steps.

If you require assistance please contact a community Moderator or member of the team via the Radix Discord Server

Connect the Ledger Nano S to the Radix Desktop Wallet

First, connect your Ledger Nano S device to your PC, unlock the device with your PIN, and open the Radix app on the device. (For the sideloading installation available now, the Ledger will show a warning about the app not being “genuine”. You can safely click past this and launch the app.)

Launch the Radix Desktop Wallet and enter your Desktop Wallet password, then click the account name in the upper left to open the account selection pane. Our example account is called “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Now Click + Add Hardware Wallet on the left navigation bar.

If your Ledger device is connected, the Desktop Wallet will automatically begin the process of adding the hardware wallet account.

The Ledger device will now ask you to confirm the address being created. Scroll through the address and Approve on the device. 

The Hardware Wallet account will now be added to the list of accounts you can choose in the Desktop Wallet. You can now view the XRD balance of the ledger, or other accounts. 

Click the Hardware Wallet account and click back.

The account is now selected and you can use all of the features of the Desktop Wallet with this account. 

View Your Hardware Wallet Account Balances

Once your Hardware Wallet is connected, select it as the account from the left side navigation bar.

Click Balances to see a listing of all tokens held by your hardware wallet account. 

At the top is your balance of XRD tokens - the native token of Radix used to pay transaction fees and stake. Below are listed other tokens created by users of the network that may be held in the account.

Receive Tokens at your Hardware Wallet Account

To receive tokens, you only need to provide the Radix account address to the sender for them to use. This address is shown in abbreviated form below Hardware Wallet in the navigation bar. To copy the address, click the square icon at the end of the address.

When you click the copy link on a Hardware Wallet address, you are asked to confirm it on the Ledger device to ensure that it is correct. The full address is shown in the Radix Desktop Wallet, and the Ledger device will let you scroll through the address and confirm it to ensure it matches what you see on screen.

It is very important that you verify this match before providing the address to others to send you tokens.

Send Tokens from your Hardware Wallet Account

First, ensure you have selected the Hardware Wallet account from the left top side navigation bar, and your Ledger is connected.  

To send tokens, click Send Tokens in the Radix Desktop Wallet app. 

On this page, fill in the Radix account that you want to send tokens to, the amount and type of token you want to send, and optionally you may fill in a message to be included with the send transaction. When you are satisfied, click Send.

If you have chosen to include an encrypted message with the transaction, you will be asked to encrypt the message on your Ledger device before you are taken to the confirmation screen.

You will now be asked to confirm the details of the send transaction. Enter the PIN you created for the Desktop Wallet (note: this is NOT your Ledger hardware wallet PIN) and click Confirm.

You will now be asked to review the send transaction on your Ledger device.

 If you included an encrypted message, you will again be asked to confirm the encryption on your Ledger device. You will then be shown the address of the recipient, the type of token being sent, and the full amount to send. 

Once you Approve these transaction contents, you will then be shown the associated fee in XRD and be asked to Sign TX. Please make sure you verify transaction details before providing this final signature.

The transaction will now be submitted to the Radix network by the Desktop Wallet and very shortly you should see it confirmed on the History page.

Get Support

If you encounter any difficulties with these instructions, the best place to go is the Radix Discord server and the support channel there where Radix or community members can help out.

You can also connect on the Radix Telegram Channel, or on Twitter

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