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How do token holders earn and claim XRD emissions rewards?

Anyone with XRD tokens on the Radix Public Network can participate in staking and earn emissions rewards if they delegate stake to a validator node in the top 100. Unlike many blockchain or DLT networks where most rewards are reserved for a relatively small set of “miners”, Radix rewards to individual XRD stakers are actually the primary incentive – no need to run a physical node. Staking to protect network security is very important, so we’ve made it as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

Earning and Claiming XRD Emissions

After XRD are staked, starting with the next epoch, that stake begins earning emissions rewards at the end of each epoch that follows.

Emission rewards (XRD) are automatically created in a staked state; they are emitted pre-staked to the same validator as the originally staked XRD and immediately begin earning emissions. This means that the holder does not need to continuously stake emitted tokens to “compound” their emissions earnings.

Because emitted tokens are automatically staked, claiming rewards simply means unstaking some amount of staked tokens whenever the user chooses.

The Radix Desktop Wallet will show the user’s current stakes, including the amount of XRD added automatically to the stake by emissions, at any time.

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