How do I register a validator node?

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How do I register a validator node?

Anyone may operate a full node and register it as a potential validator on the Radix Public Network. Radix is permissionless, after all.

Once registered, you are then able to delegate stake to your own node, as well as accept delegated stake from token holders using the Desktop Wallet. Registering also displays your node as an eligible validator on the Radix Explorer

However, the consensus protocol selects only the top 100 registered nodes, by delegated stake, to participate in consensus as validators and receive network emission rewards. These 100 validator nodes are known as the validator set. The consensus protocol picks the validator set at the beginning of every epoch.

This makes validator node-running quite competitive, and we expect the standards of operation will be very high. Most successful validator nodes will be run on high-availability cloud infrastructure by experienced systems administrators. For those who fit this profile, there are economic incentives available.

For more information on configuring and operating a Radix node, please see our technical documentation site.

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