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Can I move stake freely between validators, or do I have to unstake and restake?

You cannot move staked XRD freely between validators as this would undermine network security - creating loopholes where stake could be removed from malicious validators without incurring any penalties.

However, when you stake, the Radix Protocol automatically sends you Liquid Stake Unit tokens, or LSUs. These tokens represent a proportional claim on the pool of XRD tokens staked with a particular validator.

LSUs are fully liquid, and so if you need to get into or out of a staked position, you are able to exchange these for other tokens in Radix’s DeFi ecosystem immediately and without delay.

If you want to move the underlying staked XRD, you must request an unstake by sending back your LSUs to the validator component, and wait 2,016 epochs (about 7 days). See How does staking work on Radix for more details on how this works.

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