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What's a Badge?

A badge is a way of referring to a resource on Radix (such as a fungible token or NFT) when it is used for authorization purposes.

For example, a car parking dApp may provide users a loyalty card NFT badge.

The user can present that NFT badge when interacting with the dApp, which can provide discounts on their purchases of parking.

The NFT never leaves the user’s account as Radix makes it possible to produce a “proof” of ownership of a badge within a transaction, without it ever having to leave their Smart Account. The dApp logic can use this proof to authorize the user. This is kind of like “flashing” a real-life badge to prove you have access to something, without it leaving your wallet.

Badges, in combination with Radix’s native access control features, allows for powerful dApps to be built with complex authorization systems, quickly, safely and securely.

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