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What is the Radix Wallet?

To download the Radix Wallet, please visit

The mobile Radix Wallet application for iOS and Android introduced for the Babylon Mainnet upgrade to the Radix Public Network is a game-changer for DeFi and Web3 user experience, allowing your friends, family, and colleagues to finally use DeFi and Web3 with confidence.

The Radix Wallet allows you to manage accounts and securely hold any kind of asset on Radix, and presents these in an easy-to-understand and intuitive way.

It solves problems such as blind signing as transactions on the Radix Wallet are human-readable. It provides a powerful way to log in to Web3 applications without a password (including on desktop) with Personas. It solves the problem of “malicious tokens” on other networks and the need to manually “import tokens” by leveraging on-ledger Native Assets. It will also allow for multifactor authentication and recovery and social recovery in an upcoming update by leveraging on-ledger Smart Accounts, allowing users to not need to use a seed phrase if they don’t want to. All wrapped in an experience that connects your mobile phone to desktop sessions via Radix Connect.

The Radix Wallet replaced the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet, and that wallet no longer works with the Radix Network. Accounts and assets (ie. any tokens created on the Radix Olympia Mainnet) were automatically migrated to Babylon and users can migrate their Olympia Desktop Wallet to the Radix Wallet for Babylon. See Migrating Accounts from the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet for more details.

The Radix Wallet is made possible by five new platform technologies on the Radix Babylon network that address shortcomings on other networks that have made it impossible to create truly usable, secure wallets. See The Problem with Crypto Wallets Today for more.

To learn how to use the Radix Wallet, visit Start Here! Radix Wallet User Guide.

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