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What is the Radix Connector browser extension?

This page refers to features planned for the Babylon version of the Radix network, coming in July 2023, and may not apply to the current Olympia network version. For more information about the Radix roadmap, click here. To learn about other core capabilities of Babylon, return to Start Here! Upcoming Babylon Concepts and Technologies.

Radix Connector is a simple background browser extension that enables a connection between the Radix Wallet on an iOS or Android mobile phone and dApp websites running on a desktop web browser, using Radix Connect technology.

Unlike Metamask, it is not a wallet and does not hold your tokens or private keys. Once installed and paired to the Radix Wallet on your phone, you can forget it exists. However, it ensures that the Radix Wallet has crucial information about the dApp webpages you connect to that it can use to prevent many “man in the middle” types of attack having to do with fake or misleading websites. Always use only the official Radix Connector browser extension with your Radix Wallet.

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