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Start Here! User Guide Introduction

This Olympia user guide is intended to help the Radix community get the most out of the first release of the Radix Public Network, Olympia. 

We have tried to preempt as many questions as we can, focusing on what is being delivered as part of Olympia, how it works, and how you can help the network thrive. If you are unable to find an answer to your question please let us know via Discord or email us at

So, what can you do on the Olympia release of the Radix Public Network?

The Radix Desktop Wallet connects to the network and lets users  create accounts, deposit XRD tokens, send and receive them, and help secure the network against Sybil attacks by staking XRD tokens. 

Alongside the wallet, there is also the Radix Explorer. This is a webpage that also connects to the network and allows users  to view validators that have registered with the network to accept stake, and view details of transactions or accounts.  

For an overview of staking on Radix, including how to engage with validators, how to stake and unstake tokens, please visit the Radix Staking Guide.

If you come across terms you are unfamiliar with you can get up to speed with our Blockchain and DeFi basics guide.

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