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Migrating Accounts from the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet

To export your accounts from the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet to be imported into the new Radix Wallet mobile app for Babylon, you will need a final v1.6 update for the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet.

You may either use the regular in-app upgrade process, or use these official links:

If you need to view your old transaction history on the Olympia network, you can do so here: - note this only shows transaction and staking history up to the switchover to Babylon (the current live Radix Network).

Transaction history from the 28th of September 2023 onwards can be viewed here:

When the Radix Network upgraded from the Olympia version to the Babylon version, all user accounts, tokens, and stakes were automatically migrated across – no movements of tokens are needed.

However, the original Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet application is not able to interact with the Babylon network. Users must migrate control of their accounts (the ability to sign transactions for those accounts) to the new Radix Wallet iOS or Android app. This can be done at any time, and works for both regular software-generated accounts and accounts secured with a Ledger hardware wallet device.

A final update for the Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet – v1.6 – was released to enable an easy migration process to the new mobile wallet app. Roughly this process includes:

  • Selecting the Olympia accounts to migrate
  • Transferring information about accounts (but not seed phrases or keys) to the new Wallet via QR code
  • Manually entering the seed phrase for software accounts into the new Wallet app
  • For Ledger hardware wallet users, connecting the Ledger device to the new Wallet app and verifying control

For a complete walkthrough of this process, see the following video:

Step by Step Guide:

Before you start the import process, you must install the Radix Mobile wallet via the App Store or Google Play and the Radix Connect browser extension. You can do both of these via  

You will also need to do a final update to the Olympia Desktop wallet. This can be done directly via the desktop wallet. Once this has been completed, you will see the below message in your desktop wallet.

Begin the export process by clicking Click here to export your accounts in the Radix Desktop Wallet.

You will now have the option to export selected accounts, or all of your accounts.

Select Export All or Export Selected.

Once you make your selection, you will be shown a QR code. It contains no secure information; it is safe to scan. 

In the mobile wallet, select Settings the gear icon in the top right corner and select Import Legacy Accounts. Click the Account security tab, here you will see the option to Import legacy accounts

The mobile wallet will now show you the account you have selected for import. Select Import Accounts to proceed.

Once you import your Olympia accounts to Babylon, the Olympia account addresses will cease to function and will be flagged as “Obsolete.” You will see the new account addresses listed under the obsolete address.

You will now be prompted to input your seed phrase. Click Continue to Seed Phrase and input your password.  

This is a security-critical action. Make sure you are in private. Do not input your seed into any other websites. RDX Works or any other entity will not ask you to provide your seed phrase for a customer support query.

You will be prompted to verify with your device if you use a hardware Ledger device.

To continue, you must download and launch the new Radix Ledger Application. A request will be sent to your device. Click Connect on the pop-up to grant permission.  

Once verification is complete, your ledger account will be imported. 

To ensure the security of your seed phrase, it is strongly recommended you use the “Delete Wallet” function in the settings of your Olympia wallet, as the seed phrase can still be used to recover accounts to the mobile wallet.      

Ledger Hardware Wallet Migration

Accounts created with a Ledger hardware wallet device on Olympia also automatically carry over to Babylon, with no movement of tokens necessary. However, the small Radix Ledger app that you installed on your Ledger device must change, due to the very different “transaction manifest” style of transactions used on Babylon.

The old Radix Ledger app is no longer able to sign transactions on Babylon, and you must load a new Radix Babylon Ledger app via Ledger Live. You may safely delete the old Ledger app from your device.

When you perform the wallet migration process described at the top of this article, this will include any Ledger-created hardware wallet accounts, and the new Radix Wallet mobile apps will be able to access those accounts and connect to your Ledger device (or devices) running the new Radix Babylon Ledger app.

For full instructions on using Ledger devices on Babylon, see Using Ledger Nano S, S Plus or X with the Radix Wallet.