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How to do Transfers in the Radix Wallet

From your Radix wallet, select the account you want to send tokens from, then click the Transfer button. 

In the To section, tap Choose Account and select a saved account, or enter the receiving account’s Babylon address, then select Choose.

Once the To and From sections are complete. Click Add Assets.

A list of the Asset(s) held in the account will populate; select the assets you want to transfer, then press the Choose Asset button. You will now see the selected asset displayed beneath the receiving account information.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer, and press Continue. 

Review Transaction details and slide to sign. 

The app will request account biometrics to complete the transaction.

Once complete, you will see an on-screen Success notification, which includes the transaction hash.

Reminder: Be wary of any unsolicited messages claiming to be from support. There is no customer support via direct messages. Anyone offering to help you resolve a problem via DM will be a scammer. Under no circumstances should you ever share your seed phrases with anyone. Your seed phrases are the keys to your crypto holdings, and keeping them private is paramount for security. Always remain cautious in crypto to safeguard your assets from scams.