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How to Connect to a dApp via Radix Connect

In this video, you will learn how to connect to a dApp.

To access dApps you will need to have the Radix mobile wallet and also the Radix Connect browser extension, installed on your Chrome browser. 

In the top right-hand corner of the Radix Connect desktop extension, click Connect; the mobile app will now display a login request.

Select a Persona to login with and then press Continue.

The dApp will request permission to view account information when you log in.   

A Data permissions screen will appear here; you can enter, edit, or select which data to share (i.e., first, last, and nickname to share with dApps).

Please note if you do not share the information requested by the dApp you are interacting with, the login request will fail.

Pick the information you would like to share with the dApp and Continue. 

You are now connected to the dApp with your selected persona.

On the dashboard landing page, the Connect button will show you the Persona, data permissions, and the account details that are being shared with the dApp. 

Reminder: Be wary of any unsolicited messages claiming to be from support. There is no customer support via direct messages. Anyone offering to help you resolve a problem via DM will be a scammer. Under no circumstances should you ever share your seed phrases with anyone. Your seed phrases are the keys to your crypto holdings, and keeping them private is paramount for security. Always remain cautious in crypto to safeguard your assets from scams.