How to Check Your Token Balances

How to Check Your Token Balances

Once you have logged into your Radix Wallet, click Balances on the left-hand navigation bar. 

This will open the screen you see below.

Note: When you first visit the Balances page after setting up your Wallet, you will not have any tokens. To conduct any transactions on the Radix network, you will need XRD tokens. To get some on betanet, you can use the “faucet” function that we have provided.

The Desktop Wallet can contain multiple addresses. The currently-selected account is shown in the upper left of the wallet. In this example, we have selected an account called “Satoshi Nakamoto”. 

Your account may be called something else, depending on what name you chose setting up the account. The currently-selected account sets what balances are shown here, and the account to be used when creating transactions in the rest of the wallet.

At the top of the screen you will see the balance of XRD tokens in your selected account. This total is broken down to represent the portion of your XRD that has been staked to validators. 

Note: On betanet, these are temporary betanet XRD tokens only which will be destroyed at the end of betanet. Mainnet is when the real XRD token will be launched.

The breakdown is as follows:

Total = The total amount of XRD in your account. This include staked and unstaked XRD. 

Available = This is the amount of XRD that you can freely transfer, or stake. 

Staked = This is the amount of XRD currently staked to a validator. These tokens are locked and cannot be transferred until unstaked. Only XRD tokens can be staked to a validator.

The Radix Wallet is able to support tokens other than XRD. If you have any of these tokens, their individual balances will be shown below your XRD balance, such as the CERB, EMUNIE, and GUM tokens shown here.