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Why does my identity document not appear on the drop down list?

The document types listed in the drop down list are the only document types that will be accepted for the country you have selected. Your identity document must not be expired, if it is a ID card or driver’s licence it must be a photocard version.

Here are some examples of documents which are NOT accepted:

  • Birth certificate
  • Company ID
  • Credit card
  • International driving permit
  • Student ID (except for Poland)
  • Visa (except for student/work visa issued by the U.S. and China)

Unfortunately, if you do not have an identity document which appears on the drop down list, you won’t be able to create an Instapass ID. If you are looking to exchange your EXRD for XRD, you could alternatively try using an exchange which has XRD and eXRD available to both purchase and sell.