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What is the throughput (TPS) of the Olympia mainnet?

The Olympia Mainnet marks the genesis of the Radix Public Network and the XRD token. As the foundation for all future Radix technologies, the Olympia mainnet utilizes an unsharded form of our revolutionary Cerberus consensus protocol

Unsharded Cerberus will be capable of at least 50 transactions per second (TPS), more than 3x the throughput of Ethereum, which already serves most of DeFi.

Unsharded Cerberus should provide sufficient throughput to support the Radix Public Network until the Radix Xi’an release scheduled for 2023. Radix Xi’an will be fully sharded and capable of infinite linear scalability while preserving atomic composability. Feel free to learn more about how this will work in the Cerberus Infographic Series.

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