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What Is The Radix Grants Program?

The Radix Grants Program is a grant scheme founded by Radix Tokens Jersey with the intention of providing extended support and opportunity to Web3 and DeFi projects building on the Radix network. 

In 2023, Radix Tokens Jersey will host a first 12-week program — from February through April. The first program will be run as a pilot and will only have 5 projects participating. Building on the learnings from this first program, a second program is planned to launch in Q2 2023, more information will be provided once applications open.

The Goal

The overall goal of the Radix Grants Program is to help Radix ecosystem projects really take off. Projects at all stages of development are invited to apply and will be welcomed to the program if selected Some projects may be yet to launch while others may be publicly launched and active. Whatever stage of the journey your project, the Radix Grants Program has been designed to support and guide its progress over the 12-week period.

For many DeFi and Web3 projects, “support and guidance” often translates into two things: crafting a stronger product with more users, and to developing solid community traction with good options for generating treasury.

During the program, it’s “all startup, all the time”. Everyone around you — the RDX Works team, other founders in your program, your community, and the Radix community — is set on helping your startup succeed. That atmosphere is designed to be both high pressure and highly motivating, enabling the kind of extraordinary motivation often needed to do something as difficult as launching a startup.

The 12-week program is designed to be one of the most productive periods of your lives. Though your project and hard work continues after the 12 weeks, focus during this period will be crucial to your project’s success. As YC says:

“You can’t make people something they’re not, but the right conditions can bring out the best in them. And since most people have way more potential than they realize, they’re often surprised by what they’re capable of.”

The Radix Grants Program ultimately sets out to impact your project’s development for greater success in the long run by bringing out your best.

Grant Amount & Attendance Requirements

Grant Amount 

Any project that is accepted into the Radix Grants Program will receive a one time grant of $30,000.00* value in XRD tokens, as well as support and coaching from the RDX Works team. 

*Introductions to a relevant OTC desk service that can turn the grant tokens into stable coin or fiat will also be provided if required.

Attendance Requirements

In return for the one time grant, founders will fully commit to the Grants Program for the duration of its 12-week course. This will include compulsory attendance at a 2-day physical bootcamp at the start of the program, a 2-day physical event at the end of the program, opening introductory lectures, and 3 hours of compulsory online sessions each week.

During The Program


During the first week of the Radix Grants Program, the team at RDX Works will host a series of tactical talks to ensure founders can best optimize their building, their project and community.

During the second week of the Grants Program, a 2-day bootcamp offers all successful applicants the opportunity to network and learn more about one another’s project, as well as meeting and working with their Group mentors.

For the first program starting on February 6th, the in person bootcamp will be held in Europe sometime between February 6th and 17th. Exact dates and location will be communicated to founders as soon as they are accepted to the program.

Group Mind Melds

Much of what will take place during the Radix Grants Program is expected to happen during group mind melds, hosted by mentors every two weeks. What startups talk about at mind melds depends on the stage of the company and where they are in their project cycle.

Bi-weekly 1-1s

Bi-weekly 1-1 with your RDX works mentor will let them follow on your progress and enable you to evolve your project over the course of the 12-weeks, honing in on focus areas best suited to your project’s needs.

Weekly Master Classes

A key member of the RDX Works team, or an external speaker, will host a weekly master class about their area of expertise and share specific tips, tricks and learnings from building in the Web3 space. Talks are strictly off the record to encourage candor. Creating and maintaining an environment of trust and sharing is what enables us to learn from one another in the best possible way.

Launch Assist

Once a project is ready to launch, RDX Works will help founders build a strong go-to-market strategy ready to present their project to users, community and the press. Additional exposure may also come via the Radix blog, Radix social media channels, the Radix mailing lists, as well as via third party websites. Media training will also be supplied to give founders all the tools they need to ace the first period of campaigning their projects.

Test Customers

Product feedback is crucial to strengthening projects, and a good feedback loop for product development and growth is a valuable part of the process. Founders who are part of teh Radix Grants Program are a fantastic initial resource to learn and test with, but so too are members of the wider Radix community – meaning they’ll have solid feedback supporting your direction towards thriving within the ecosystem. The Radix Grants Program will help you push out testing opportunities to the community to find early users and get your dApp from alpha to MVP as quickly as possible.

Demo Day

The first Radix Grants Program will conclude with a physical demo day. This first demo day will be on the floor of Consensus 2023 in Austin (April 26-28, 2023), Texas, one of the world’s largest and most impactful Web3 conferences. Your project will share Radix’s floor space at Consensus, having the fantastic opportunity to network with world-leading Web3 investors, developers, entrepreneurs, exchanges and press.

Apply to the Radix Grants Program

Applications are now open for the Radix Grants Pilot Program. Successful applications will begin the 12-week program from February 6, during which time they can focus on developing their project.

The first program is a pilot and is highly selective. Only 5 projects will be asked to join, but those not selected will receive feedback and may be considered for the second program.

The application deadline is 16 January 2023. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

Learn more and apply on

Read the Grants announcement