What does the Radix team look like?

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What does the Radix team look like?

The Radix Project, founded by Dan Hughes, consists of experienced and innovative technologists, successful entrepreneurs, and individuals from a range of professional disciplines. See the current team member profiles here

This global team of experts provides the skills and experience needed to deliver the vast potential of the Radix Public Network. This technology is built on the learnings of the journey and vision Dan started in 2013, the incredible research and development work of the Radix team over recent years, and the cutting edge of consensus research available today.  

The Radix team has some of the following subteams:

- Technology team, divided into: 

- Network team: delivers the network protocol and associated tools for node-runners and stakers

- Builders team: provides the application layer and related tools for developers

- Users team: provides tools and services, such as wallets for end-users

- Business Team, divided into: 

- Strategy & Marketing

- Finance, Operations, and Legal

- Radix Labs, headed by Dan Hughes

- Tokens, part of Radix Tokens (Jersey) Limited

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