Signing into Instabridge

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Signing into Instabridge

Instabridge is our 2-way “bridge” between the two forms of token, eXRD and XRD. Instabridge allows holders of eXRD to swap those tokens for XRD at a 1:1 ratio, if they choose to do so. Following initial release, we will begin building Instabridge out into a service that makes it as easy as possible for as many forms of value as possible to flow in and out of the Radix network, starting with a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can read more about Instabridge here.

Before you can use Instabridge you will first need to create an Instapass account. Read our full guide on how to create your Intapass ID here. Once your Instapass account has been fully verified you will then be able to use Instabridge.

Please Login to Instapass and click “Manage” under the addresses section, check that the Ethereum and Radix wallet addresses that you want to use are set as Default. If you wish to use a different wallet address, please click “Set as Default” next to the address you wish to use. Please note that Instabridge will always automatically use your default Ethereum and Radix addresses for transfers. 

Step 1: Go to Instabridge and click “Login”.

Step 2: Connect your wallet. You will need to connect your Web3 enabled wallet via either Metamask or WalletConnect. If you have already created an Instapass ID and added your Ethereum wallet address to the account, please connect using that wallet address.

When you click “Metamask” it will automatically bring up the Metamask browser extension, follow the steps in the extension to connect your wallet. You will need to use the Metamask browser extension, the phone app is not supported.

If you are using WalletConnect you will need to use your WalletConnect-compatible wallet to scan the QR code which appears when you click “WalletConnect” and follow the steps in WalletConnect. 

Step 3: If this is your first time using Instabridge and you have already created an Instapass ID, you will be asked if you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice. If you haven’t yet created an Instapass ID, please see our guide on how to do so here.

Step 4:  Click “Continue” to access your Instabridge account.

At the top of the page you can see your account summary including your KYC status, current AML tier and your base allowance. On this page you can also see your total balance of eXRD in your connected wallet, which wallet address is currently selected as your default and your transaction history. You can also check your AML details and conduct transfers.

Everyone who has passed Know Your Customer (KYC) through Instapass qualifies for tier 1. This allows you to complete up to $15,000 value of transactions per year. If you wish to increase your tier, click “Upgrade AML tier”. You can read more about AML tiers here.

Please check out our guide on how to convert eXRD for XRD here.