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Selfie/Liveness check not working

As part of your ID verification, SumSub will conduct a “liveness” check. This is a biometric scan which will use your webcam or phone camera to check your face against your photo ID.

Step 1: Click “I’m Ready” when you are ready. To make sure the liveness check is successful, please ensure the following:

  • Your camera is centred
  • Your face is evenly lit and stands out from the background
  • There is no glare on the camera
  • You are not covering your face
  • Your face is within the marker indicated on the screen
  • Hold still when prompted to do so on the screen
  • When the marker changes to a circle, roll your head around the circle to fill the progress bar

Step 2: The system will then check the image quality and biometrics, this may take a few hours. If a problem is flagged you will be sent an email and asked to try again. If a problem persists after 3 attempts, please contact

Step 3: Once the check has been completed please continue to the address verification section . You will be able to see the status of your identity verification on the right-hand side of the screen. It may take some time to process your identity, so please do not be alarmed if it isn’t verified immediately.

If a problem persists after trying again, please contact, so we can assist you.