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Radix Mainnet Launch Timeline - “Bootstrapping Epoch”

This article refers to a special epoch that occurred in July and August 2021. It is no longer relevant and retained only for historical purposes.

The period following the genesis of the Radix Public Network on July 28th 2021 was a special “bootstrapping” epoch lasting at least 14 days. 

There was no rush to start swapping eXRD for XRD, staking, connecting nodes, or registering validators during this bootstrapping epoch. During this period, everyone was equally “first in line” when the bootstrapping epoch ended and normal epochs (of approximately 30-90 minutes) began. 

The bootstrapping epoch allowed XRD token holders and node-runners time to choose which validators to delegate to, and set up their validator nodes, respectively.

For a full breakdown of how this period worked, please see the blog article Radix Mainnet Launch Timeline.

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