How to Upgrade to AML Tier 3 and 4

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How to Upgrade to AML Tier 3 and 4

You can upgrade your AML Tier from your Account Summary. Click “Upgrade AML Tier” to get started.

If you are at Tier 2, you will need to upgrade to Tier 3 before you can upgrade to Tier 4. Likewise, if you are at Tier 1 you will need to upgrade to Tier 2 before you can proceed with your application to Tier 3. Click “AML Tier Upgrade” to continue.

You will then be asked to provide your primary source of funds, your occupation and documents which evidence your primary source of funds.

The types of documents which can be accepted vary depending on your primary source of funds. You will need to submit the entire document without any redactions.

Source of funds

Evidence of source of funds

Employment income

  • Tax returnWage/payslip

Sale of shares or other investments

  • Share purchase agreement
  • Broker statements

Sale of estate/property

  • Sale contract

Maturing investments or policy claim

  • Copy of policy
  • Copy of the contract

Company income/shareholder dividends

  • Company accounts (audited/signed off by accountant)

Company Sale

  • Sale agreement


  • Grant of probate (incl statement of value of state & beneficiaries)


  • Loan agreement


  • Deed of gift
  • Supporting documentation

Lottery/betting/casino winnings

  • Betting slip/ticket sale receipt
  • Letter from casino or winning provider

Compensation payment

  • Legal document -compromise agreement
  • Settlement agreement

Mining cryptocurrency

  • Mining address that can be used for on chain analysis

Sale of cryptocurrency

  • Exchange screenshots and details of transactions

All documents are manually reviewed by a member of our compliance team. Document reviews can take 2-4 weeks. If you fail to provide sufficient evidence your application will be rejected. If more information is required, you will be emailed from with the request.

For Tier 4 you will be asked the same questions but you will need to provide evidence of wealth over $1,000,000.