How to Install the Desktop Wallet

How to Install the Desktop Wallet

First, click here to download the Radix betanet wallet.  You have the option to download the Radix Betanet Wallet for MacOS, Windows or Linux. 

MacOS Instructions: 

The MacOS download will place a .dmg disk image file in your downloads folder.

Open the folder and you will be greeted with the below screen.

Drag the wallet icon into the applications folder to install it.

You may now discard the disk image file.

When you attempt to open the Radix Betanet Wallet from your applications folder for the first time you will need to follow some additional steps, as MacOS defaults to restricting App installs not done directly from the App Store.

This is normal for an App downloaded outside the Apple App store.  

Launch the app and you will likely see a warning similar to the following:

Click Cancel before proceeding to the next step.

Note: You will need to first attempt to open the wallet and click cancel for the following steps to work. 

To allow app downloads from unidentified developers first open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy, and the the General tab as shown:

Click the padlock in the bottom left corner, and enter your Mac’s system password.

Make sure “App store and identified developers” is selected like below. 

You will now see an option called Open Anyway.

Click this to open the Radix Desktop Wallet.   

If you do not see the option for Open Anyway, you will need to attempt to re open the wallet and click Cancel instead of Eject Disk Image, as indicated in the note above.

This will open a new dialogue window which says “macOS cannot verify the developer of “Radix Wallet”. Are you sure you want to open it?”

Click “Open” and your wallet should run for the first time.

Click here to learn how to set up your Wallet with its first account.

Note - if you are still seeing the previous warning message, just click “cancel” and then click “Open Anyway” again in the Security & Privacy settings area.


Once you have downloaded the installation file it will be saved to your computer in .exe format. It will usually be in your Downloads folder.

Locate and double-click the RadixWallet.exe file. It will usually be in your Downloads folder.

A dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to install the software. Please be aware that you may get a warning message before installing as Windows cannot verify the wallet. This is normal and expected, you will need to confirm you wish to continue.

The software will be installed. You can now open the Desktop Wallet from the Start menu or Home screen.

Click here to learn how to set up your Wallet with its first account.