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How Do I Add a New Ethereum Address to My Account?

How Do I Add a New Ethereum Address to My Account?

In order to use Instabridge, you will first need to add your Ethereum address to your Instapass account. If you haven’t made an Instapass account yet, you can learn how to do so here. You will need to complete KYC first before you can add your wallet addresses.  You will need to add your Ethereum (“crypto address”) you want to associate with your account in Instapass, rather than directly in Instabridge. You can add as many different Ethereum addresses to your account as you want.

Please be aware that Instabridge will automatically use your default Ethereum address, if you wish to add a new Ethereum address which you haven’t added to your account yet, you will need to login to Instapass and add a new Ethereum address.

Please note, if you have already completed KYC with us prior to the launch of mainnet and you provided permission for your data to be imported into Instapass, the Ethereum address that you used to purchase eXRD during the token sale will automatically be added by us. If you purchased eXRD with more than one Ethereum address, we will have added the Ethereum address with the highest amount of tokens associated with it. However, after this address has been associated with your Instapass account, you can add any other Ethereum addresses.

Step 1: Click “Add address”.

Step 2: Select which type of wallet address you want to add.

Step 3: If you are adding an Ethereum wallet address you will need to connect your Web3 enabled wallet through Metamask. Clicking “Metamask” will open your Metamask browser extension - please only use the Metamask browser extension as the phone app is not supported. Follow the instructions within the extension to connect your wallet. 

Step 4: The first address you add will automatically be set to your default address, you can change this at any time by clicking Manage under addresses.

Now that your KYC is complete and your wallet addresses have been connected, you are ready to use Instabridge to convert your eXRD to XRD. To find out how to use Instabridge, please see our Instabridge user guides.

If you need any assistance please contact