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Can I convert unlocked eXRD?

You will need to withdraw eXRD from the unlocking contract before you can swap it. You won’t be able to convert eXRD which is locked. For more information on how to withdraw eXRD from the vault, please see our guide here

You will need to connect your wallet which contains your eXRD to Instabridge. Once you have connected your wallet and created an Instapass ID, you will be able to convert your eXRD to XRD at a 1:1 ratio through Instabridge. For more information on how to use Instabridge, please see here.

Don’t worry though, eXRD won’t go away after the launch of the XRD token on the Radix mainnet. Instead, eXRD will continue in parallel with XRD, so users can convert back and forth between the two at a ratio of 1:1. This means that eXRD will become simply a different form of XRD that lives on the Ethereum network, and can be used with Ethereum DeFi applications. When users prefer to have their XRD in native form on the Radix network, they can move them there to participate in Radix staking, pay network fees, and later (in the Babylon release of the Radix network) use them in Radix-based DeFi applications.

Check out our blog to read more about Instabridge.