AML Tiers

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AML Tiers

To ensure Instabridge is compliant with regulatory requirements, there are 4 different AML (Anti-money laundering) tiers for users. The higher your AML tier the higher your approved transaction volume in Instabridge. You can increase your approved tier of AML through Instabridge by providing Instabridge with more information on the source of your funds, helping us prevent money laundering.

You will need to upgrade your AML tier before creating a transfer which exceeds your current tier limit. If you create the transfer first and then upgrade the AML limit, the transaction will not be approved.

Please be aware that reviewing source of funds documentation may take 2-4 weeks.

Tier 1: Everyone who has passed Know Your Customer (KYC) through Instapass qualifies for tier 1. This allows you to complete up to $15,000 value of transactions per year.

Tier 2: This tier allows up to $100,000 value of transactions per year and will require you to select your source of funds from a drop down list and enter your occupation. The source of funds is defined as the activity which generated the funds you used to purchase eXRD or XRD. The options for source of funds are as follows:

  • Employment income
  • Sale of shares or other investments
  • Sale of estate/property
  • Maturing investments or policy claim
  • Company income/shareholder dividends
  • Company sale
  • Inheritance
  • Loan
  • Gift
  • Lottery/betting/casino winnings
  • Compensation payment
  • Mining cryptocurrency
  • Sale of cryptocurrency

If your source of funds doesn’t appear on the drop down list, please contact support.

Tier 3: This tier allows up to $1,000,000 value of transactions per year and will require you to provide documentation proving your source of funds. Legal agreements are the most commonly acceptable forms of proof of funds, you will need to provide the whole agreement for review. Acceptable proof of source of funds may vary, the following documents are provided as examples but depending on the circumstances there is no guarantee they will be accepted.

Source of funds

Evidence of source of funds

Employment income

  • Tax returnWage/payslip

Sale of shares or other investments

  • Share purchase agreement

  • Broker statements

Sale of estate/property

  • Sale contract

Maturing investments or policy claim

  • Copy of policy

  • Copy of the contract

Company income/shareholder dividends

  • Company accounts (audited/signed off by accountant)

Company Sale

  • Sale agreement


  • Grant of probate (incl statement of value of state & beneficiaries)


  • Loan agreement


  • Deed of gift

  • Supporting documentation

Lottery/betting/casino winnings

  • Betting slip/ticket sale receipt

  • Letter from casino or winning provider

Compensation payment

  • Legal document -compromise agreement

  • Settlement agreement

Mining cryptocurrency

  • Mining address that can be used for on chain analysis

Sale of cryptocurrency

  • Exchange screenshots and details of transactions

Please note you will be required to submit the whole document with no redactions.

Tier4: This tier allows an unlimited value of transactions per year. You will be required to provide source of funds documentation that is evidence of wealth of over $1,000,000.